Sonia London

Hello Ladies! I tried the roots & rituals heated towel, oil and mask that everyone has been raving about! I ‘ve been using it for the last 6 months and it’s really helped my hair regain its healthy and lustre. Being a mother means life is busy but I made it a weekly ritual to oil my hair as I feel that it provides deep nourishment to my hair and scalp. After every use my hair feels stronger, thicker and radiant! The mask was a great conditioner as my hair would detangle instantly and leave my hair feeling extra soft. Everything I wanted from a haircare range…effective and pampering too.


Just a very quick post to boast about a lovely product created by an equally lovely lady. @rootsandrituals have this amazing hair oil which I tried over the weekend & it’s transformed my hair better than anything I’ve ever used. My hair looks and feels soft & lush. I’ve had compliments all day from my clients so this product is a definite win! Here’s a pic of my hair post washing & styling – thank you Karishma! (Let’s hope I can repay you by doing your brows! Diary is absolutely mental thanks to this group! 🙈


I already LOVE the Roots and Rituals hair oil which I recommended a few weeks back, but now I ADORE the R&R hair conditioning mask! I left it in for 3 minutes and washed and my hair is completely frizz free, soft, bouncy and hair advert shiny! It’s glorious! Contact @rootsandrituals for this oil and conditioner! Since using the oil my hair growth has increased also and hair feels fuller xxx hope you all benefit from it as much as me xx.


My daughter Nikki Radia ordered me the Roots & Rituals oil and Hair mask. She gave me a full hair makeover with both and check out the difference. The finished look is with the blow dry she gave me too. My hair is soft and silky. Highly recommend these products! 👌💆


Hello lovely ladies! ❤ I wanted to share with you my review of an AMAZING hair oil which I bought after seeing it recommended on this page! I have been using Roots & Rituals hair oil for a while now and it is simply the best product I have used in my hair ever! My hair felt softer straight away and I noticed a difference in how my hair looked, just after the first use! People at work have been commenting on how shiny and soft my hair is these days! All thanks to this amazing oil. I cant recommend it enough! So if you haven’t tried it ladies……what are you waiting for?? It’s the answer to all of your hair problems…..even hair growth!! And what’s best of all is that the oil is 100% natural and chemical free!


Hi girls, I wanted to recommend Roots & Rituals ultra hydrating hair mask. Firstly, it smells divine!! It has a lovely rose water fragrance. It’s silicone and paraben free and It’s made from shea butter & mango seed butter which has helped to hydrate my hair and it’s also helped with my split ends as I use hair straighteners quite a lot! My frequent use of straighteners has left my hair a quite dry, but after using this mask, my hair is looking much better, more manageable and shiny!

"I had my baby recently and I've had plenty of hair loss, probably due to hormonal changes post-partum. Using the oil and mask has really done wonders - the oil is very effective and has reduced my hair loss significantly. This has really boosted my confidence. So glad I have come across such amazing products that actually work! Best of all its full of natural ingredients such as argan oil and shea butter which I love!"

Helen Dublin


I hardly ever leave testimonials but these haircare products has helped me greatly and I wanted to share my positive experience. I have been using the hair oil for several months and its made my hair stronger and healthier, with few strands of hair growing after several months of waiting patiently. When the hair mask was introduced I used it instead of my conditioner and it was so creamy and soft, smells amazing and left my hair soft and tangle free. The health of my hair continues to improve thank to Roots & Rituals!

Meenu, London


Roots & Rituals has transformed my hair. I have the most horrible hair. It is really curly and frizzy. I have used numerous amounts of products and nothing works. I thought I would try roots and ritual after reading all the positive reviews and I can’t believe the results. It is like I have stepped out of the salon. My hair is so smooth and silky. It is still smooth after sleeping on it for one night. I used the hair oil and the hair mask and no heated towel. So I can only imagine how much better it would be after using the towel. Can’t recommend these products enough. Well done for inventing products that actually work!! Will try it on my daughter’s hair now.


Hello Ladies
So I tried the Hair Oil and Mask from Roots and Rituals that everyone was recommending and I have to say the results were fabulous! The oil wasn’t too oily and the mask was light and left my hair very silky. I have naturally wavy hair and need to straighten but when I used the mask, I just blow dried my hair and got amazing curls, no frizz. In this hot weather, my hair can get quite dry and feel lifeless, but not anymore. The hair mask is amazing for nourishing your hair and provides a deep conditioning treatment. The nourishing hair oil has also been a life saver as I’d been struggling with thin hair for almost a year. After just 3 times of using this gem of an oil, I noticed new strands of hair growing and my hair feels much stronger. And the cherry on the cake for me is the fact that the products are made from all natural ingredients and smell amazing !! As I use hair straightners quite a lot, the ends of my hair become dry after a while, but this oil is fabulous and has natural products in it like avocado, coconut and Olive.

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