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The Founder
Founder of Roots & Rituals, Karishma Mahtani, is a great believer in the healing powers of the natural world and, in particular, the traditional Indian wisdom that can be learned and applied to our own Western beauty rituals. Born in Morocco, Karishma went on to live in India for a period of time, before moving to Spain and then England, where she earned a degree in Medical Biochemistry. Her qualifications led her to work for some of the top pharmaceutical companies, where she was heavily exposed to an excess of low-quality, synthetic products. Seeing this side of the industry inspired her to create a totally natural range of haircare products instead – one that was effective, luxurious and not filled with any harsh ingredients.
Karishma embarked on a journey that spanned the continents, to develop a luxurious range of products that would blend tradition with science, to synergise the knowledge of the ancient East with the modern West. This journey let to the birth of Roots & Rituals.
Haircare as nature intended
At the core of Roots & Rituals is the desire to remain true to the soothing, balancing traditions of the East. We have sourced the perfect blend of balancing oils, to create a potent treatment that is 100% natural, highly-effective and contains nothing other than nature’s finest ingredients. Our products have been developed following extensive research, not only into what the most effective natural ingredients are, but into the specific combination that will generate the optimum effect. We use a finely blended balance of rich coconut, olive and avocado oils, mixed to the ideal proportions to work harmoniously for the greatest overall effect. Our luxury products are developed by hand in small batches at the best scientific London laboratories, where research has shown that they are the perfect mix to penetrate the fine hair shaft, going right through to the hair cortex to provide deep nourishment to help repair, heal and leave you looking and feeling your best.
Bringing Eastern rituals to the modern world
Over 4,000 years ago in the ancient East, families would come together for the ritualistic, healing practice of traditional Indian Head massage. It was a time of relaxation, tradition and bonding. A time when you could be together, learn how to rebalance your body’s energy systems and perfect the massaging techniques to be passed down through the generations that followed. Ancient Indian Head Massage involves the relaxing, yet stimulating application of touch to pressure points on the scalp, using a blend of rich, nourishing hair oils. This wasn’t simply a pampering experience though – it was a chance to enhance your own sense of wellbeing. A ‘side effect’ was that it resulted in beautiful hair that was full-bodied, strong and radiated health.
Our Roots

We blend tradition with modern science to create unique formulations for a truly nourishing
haircare journey…..

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